The World Corporation

World Corporation was founded by King C. Gillette in 1894 as a perfect model for governing the modern family in contemporary society based on the core principals of and within an operating of fundamental capitalism. The World Corporation caries the legacy of Gillette’s dream through its ever-expanding, global divisions: The United Company, the European Company (EuroCo) and the South American Company (SoAmCo).


The United Company

The United Company, the founding company of the World Corporation, designed to straddle Niagara Falls, presents a pioneering concept of capitalism as the root of and the ideal-model for all life. United Company’s “Notes on Perfection” features the original concept of King C. Gillette’s World Corporation. The project explores the concept of utopia in the context of a corporate development.


Notes On Perfection

“Notes on Perfection” includes artifacts from the United Company: small models of the buildings of the utopian settlement, a book by Gillette, a script for a United Company produced video concerning the project, a Time Magazine article, and propaganda from Metropolis: all under the watchful eye of the United Company’s first logo (c. 1880). The installation includes a display of Gillette’s principals, as well as a monitor showing a United Company video that introduces the project.